Mobile Banking for Middle Market posted 09/06/2019







Featuring: Michelle Young, Wells Fargo, and Donna Arce, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Mobile banking has evolved into a viable solution for middle market companies looking to securely access their accounts and perform critical finance functions on the go. Business customers have come to expect easy-to-use products, a range of innovative services and a consistent experience across different devices to help save time and increase productivity.

Join Barlow Research for a one-hour webcast featuring Michelle Young, Senior Vice President and Channel Product Management Leader for Digital Solutions for Business, Wells Fargo, speaking about mobile usage, functionality and important customer experience considerations necessary for a strong middle market solution. Wells Fargo was a pioneer by being the first to market with CEO® Mobile, a middle market mobile banking solution, and they continue to be a market leader in mobile banking adoption in this segment.

You will learn about:

  • Key mobile banking capabilities, services and solutions to help middle market businesses succeed financially
  • The importance of balancing banking functionality with user experience, including optimizing for “smart” devices such as phones, tablets and watches; native mobile apps vs. mobile sites (e.g. downloading iOS/Android apps vs. using mobile device to mobile website access)
  • Mobile security and fraud prevention enhancements and innovations such as biometric authentication, push notifications and mobile tokenization

This presentation is designed for anyone involved in middle market or business banking online desktop or mobile product development, customer experience, transformation, marketing, market research, innovation or strategy.

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