Women-Owned Companies: Digitally Savvy but Value Personal Connections posted 02/07/2020







Featuring: Marti Barletta, founder of The TrendSight Group and author of the book “Marketing To Women,” and Sandy Hanson, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

With 25% of all small businesses ($100K-<$10MM in sales) being women-owned (51%+ ownership), up from 19% in 2009, this is sure a segment not to ignore. While there are limited other demographic differences between women-owned and non-women-owned companies, there are key differences in banking behaviors. Women-owned companies tend to be more self-service and digitally inclined, however, they value personal relationships.

Join Barlow Research for a one-hour webcast as we share Voice of the Business Customer data and hear from Marti Barletta on how we can more effectively attract and communicate with this important segment.

You will learn about:

  • Differences between women-owned and non-women-owned companies including demographics, banking preferences and how they make/accept payments
  • The importance of personal relationships to women-owned companies in terms of their business banking
  • Women-owned companies’ credit appetite and what they plan to do with excess cash reserves
  • How to use this information to more effectively market banking solutions and communicate with women-owned businesses

The presentation is designed for anyone involved in small business or business banking, relationship management, marketing, market research or line of business strategy.

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