Lender Lab 3.0

Lender Lab 3.0

Lab 3.0

Actionable VOC Insight for Competitive Intelligence and Product Development

Digital Business Banking

This new study from Barlow Research will allow your organization to follow the actual small business customer journey during the digital application process to a $75K term loan. Through the Barlow CX Lab, we performed a detailed investigation of the online loan application process for a small business among a competitive set of providers. Barlow Research evaluated each step of the experience using criteria relevant to small business owners' interests. The customer experience is video captured to provide an experiential record of the entire process. This research will provide a better understanding of how each tested organization deploys their digital loan application process for small businesses.

Overview and Objectives

The goal of this study is to help your organization gain insight on the small business customer experience during the application process with financial institutions that feature an online application and a quicker decision time compared with traditional business lending models.

Through the Barlow CX Lab, we performed a detailed investigation of the online loan application process to a $75,000 unsecured, three year term loan for a multi-owner small business. Actual small business owners were recruited to conduct these evaluations at: Bank of America, PNC, Regions, Wells Fargo and OnDeck.


Each CX Lab evaluation collected the following information:

  • Pricing
  • Documentation
  • Verification process for multiple owners
  • Online user experience
  • Electronification
  • Application follow-up
  • Timeline of events
  • Points of interest during the process


Deliverables include a summary report of research results (including any paperwork collected during the process and timelines), access to videos of the loan application experience and a Webex presentation of results for your team.

Results are available now on the Barlow Research web portal.


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