The Ascent of Mobile Banking as a Viable Channel for Businesses posted 02/16/2021







Featuring: Allison Haley & Dallas Capesius, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Mobile banking has catapulted into the forefront of servicing business customers in the midst of the pandemic. As we see mobile banking adoption grow, functionality is also continuously expanding among competitors’ offerings. It is important to consider how businesses use this channel in comparison to the online banking channel in order to develop an experience that effectively supports business customers’ needs. The limited screen space on a mobile device requires that financial institutions understand what tasks are most important to business customers and how best to make these tasks mobile-friendly.

Join Barlow Research on Friday, March 5 as we discuss the acceleration of the mobile banking channel for small businesses and middle market companies. We’ll take a look at how far the mobile banking channel has come and explore how it will continue to evolve and expand as businesses increasingly rely on mobile for more tasks. In this session you’ll learn:

  • Digital banking usage metrics and monthly digital banking tasks completed in each channel
  • Differences in online and mobile banking use between small businesses and middle market companies
  • Mobile banking advancement and the future of this channel

The presentation is designed for anyone involved in digital business banking, customer experience, transformation, business banking line of business, marketing, market research or strategy.

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