Micro Businesses: Servicing the Invisible Customer posted 02/03/2022







Featuring: Sandy Hanson & Haley Lenzen, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Often overlooked in small business banking, the micro segment (companies with $100K-<$500K in sales) dominates in terms of numbers, accounting for nearly 80% of the small business market ($100K-<$10MM). Micro business customers prefer self-service banking channels and are typically looking for reactive over proactive service. The pandemic has been hard on micro companies, yet they are hopeful and intending to grow their business.

Barlow Research has just released its First Friday webcast entitled Micro Businesses: Servicing the Invisible Customer with Sandy Hanson (Managing Partner & Small Business Program Director) and Haley Lenzen (Research Analyst).

In this session, we discuss:

  • Demographics and the market potential of micro businesses
  • How they run the finances of their business and how they use their bank
  • How their credit needs could evolve moving forward

This presentation is designed for anyone involved in the small business, middle market or business banking line of business strategy, relationship management, business development, sales, marketing, product management or market research. You no longer need to register for this event. To access this webcast, click the link below. The webcast along with the presentation slides can also be found in the MyBarlow section on our website. If you forgot your password, please click here to request a reminder.

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