Payments in Small Business: A Snapshot of the Great Digital Payments Migration posted 03/03/2022







Featuring: Adam Johnson & Julianna Kolb, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

New data from Barlow Research’s Digital Business Banking study suggests that most small business customers ($100K-<$10MM in annual sales) have not only developed a more positive view of digital banking, they may have also become more receptive to using new digital banking functionality in the last year. This sentiment is especially pronounced in small business customers’ attitudes and preferences about making digital payments. With a relatively large portion of small businesses indicating a greater interest in digital payment solutions in the last year, financial institutions are faced with a big opportunity to introduce modern payment functionalities that can meet their needs more effectively and efficiently.

Barlow Research has just released its First Friday webcast titled Payments in Small Business: A Snapshot of the Great Digital Payments Migration with Adam Johnson (Digital Business Banking Program Director).

In this session, we discuss:

  • Current adoption rates for digital payment methods across small business segments
  • Small business customers’ growing appetite for digital payment functionality
  • How small business segments differ in perceived value of digital payment options

This presentation is designed for anyone involved in the small business or business banking line of business strategy, relationship management, business development, sales, marketing, product management or market research. You no longer need to register for this event. To access this webcast, click the link below. The webcast along with the presentation slides can also be found in the MyBarlow section on our website.

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