Transforming the Business Customer Service Model Through Virtual Account Officers posted 08/05/2022







Featuring: Melissa Myers, Client Experience Manager, Corporate and Institutional Bank at PNC Bank, along with Megan Seitchik and Joel Mueller, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Transformation initiatives catapulted from concept to reality overnight. The pandemic created a rush to find new ways for bankers and customers to work remotely through both digital and virtual relationship management servicing solutions, opening the door to decreased costs and increased adaptive capacity. For many financial institutions there is no going back.

Join Barlow Research as we discuss the adoption of virtual relationship management service models.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • Customer preferences for meeting virtually
  • Performance benchmarks for traditional and virtual Account Officers
  • How PNC successfully navigated the transition to virtual business bankers

The presentation is designed for anyone involved in small business or middle market banking product management, payments, treasury services, transformation, digital banking, marketing, market research or line of business strategy.

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