On the Path to Trusted Advisor Status: Providing Valuable Information to Middle Market Businesses posted 07/25/2023







Featuring: Megan Seitchik and Sarah Kietzman, Barlow Research Associates, Inc.

Financial institutions have been chasing the goal of becoming trusted advisors to their clients, yet only one-quarter of middle market companies look to their bankers for advice. Instead, they rely on accountants, attorneys, consultants and other C-suite executives.

Providing valuable ideas is highly correlated with being a trusted advisor. However, for a banker’s ideas to be deemed valuable by a client, bankers need to first prove that they truly know and understand the company: how cash flows through the company, competitors, industry headwinds and challenges, etc., before a client will consider their ideas to be value added.

  • Value of being consultative and bringing valuable ideas to middle market clients.
  • What middle market companies look for from their bankers to demonstrate they bring valuable ideas and can be trusted advisors to the organization.
  • What key insights and ideas middle market companies want from their banker.

This discussion is designed for anyone involved in middle market banking, relationship management, sales and sales management, marketing, market research, risk management or line of business strategy.

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