Survey Respondents

Thanks for taking the time to find us. As business banking researchers, we highly value your thoughts and opinions about what banks are getting right—and help them find opportunities for improvement. With your help we can educate banks about the evolving needs of customers like you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How did you get my name?

Answer: If you received a Barlow Research questionnaire for a proprietary study (a bank logo appears on either the survey or the cover letter), then your name was received in a list of customers from your bank. If you received a questionnaire for a syndicated nationwide study (no bank logos anywhere), we received your name in a list purchased from Dun & Bradstreet Corporation.

Question: Will my name ever be sold or redistributed?

Answer: No, absolutely not. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Question: Will my name and responses be confidential?

Answer: Your answers are always 100% confidential. Survey responses are only used for reporting in composite form, meaning that only response totals will be used. If you are responding to a syndicated study, your name will never be attributed to a set of results, so you need not worry about your bank seeing what you said about them. If you are responding to a proprietary study (a bank logo appears on either the survey or the cover letter), your responses will remain confidential unless you specify otherwise.

Question: Can I really cash this check?

Answer: For some of our studies, Barlow Research will send a check along with a survey, as an incentive to our respondents. If you received one of these checks you may cash it once you have returned a completed survey. We never send out "dummy" checks. You can tell it is real by looking for the routing numbers at the bottom of the check.

Question: Which charities to do you contribute to?

Answer: For some studies, Barlow Research will offer to make a charitable donation as an incentive to our respondents. More information about this donation can be found on your cover letter or questionnaire. If you have any questions about these donations, please contact us directly, either by phone or online.

For all other questions or comments, you may call us toll-free at 1-800-442-0154. If there is a contact name listed on your cover sheet (mailed with your survey), please ask for that individual when you call. Thank you!