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First Friday Webcast Series
Key Criteria Women-Owned Businesses Seek in Financial Partners

Join Barlow Research on Friday, December 1, 2023, as we'll delve into the similarities and differences between female and male-owned enterprises, shedding light on their distinct preferences and priorities. In this webcast, you will gain valuable insights into:

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Since 1980, Barlow Research Associates, Inc. has been dedicated to providing in-depth market research for the commercial Financial Services sector. With a 90% client retention rate and enduring relationships with some of the largest financial institutions in the United States, Barlow has a finger on the pulse of the industry—and its customers.

Using a tailored approach, we'll leverage our expertise to help you understand your customers better with:

  • Customized research to answer your most important questions
  • Membership-based programs and database tools that keep you on top of the current research, trends, and issues
  • Data-driven strategic insights to put analysis into action
  • Industry-wide conferences to introduce solutions and expand brand awareness
  • Weekly newsletters featuring informative Analyst Journal articles


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Analyst's Journals
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Analyst's Journal - Nov 29, 2023

Lost in the Wait: How Subpar Customer-Centric Services Drive Middle Market Customers Towards New Primary Banks

The attrition rate of customers within the middle market segment (companies with $10MM-<$500MM in...

Finding and Protecting Business Deposits

The 2023 Finding & Protecting Business Deposits Study will pull data from our quarterly Pulse Study (fielded in early April 2023), our 2023 in Pursuit of Stability and Return Flash Panel Study (fielded in late April 2023) and our Customer Acquisition and Preventing Attrition Flash Panel Study (fielded in June 2023).

Three Forces Changing the Face of Business Banking

November 2023 Video/Audio webcast is available. Free to licensed clients in MyBarlow

Middle Market

Change Ahead!
Did you know that less than six middle market customers could equate to a potential $1 million revenue gain or loss to your bank? 

Barlow Research’s Middle Market Banking Program provides the insights needed to drive your strategy and transformation initiatives.

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